Saturday, June 6, 2009

Identitree crisis: Starting out Druid

Still fairly new to the world of MMORPGs, my first ever toon was a dwarf warrior named Speck. Like most who knew nothing about the game, I thought the Alliance were the "good guys" and that's what I wanted to roll. I was 15 levels in before I discovered the friend who told me about the game was not only playing on a different realm, but was part of the Horde. Begrudgingly I made the switch. Having no knowledge of races, classes, specs, ect… I merely perused the character screen, read the short blurb on race and class abilities and decided to roll a Tauren Druid.

Thus... Beck was born.

That was 3 years ago. Four guilds, nineteen re-specs, and eighty levels later, Beck continues to be my main and my favorite toon to play.

Some ask, "Why resto?" Short answer is... it suits me. Like most, I leveled to 70 as a feral druid. Shape shifting, dpsing, tank and travel forms, and survivalability are what hooked me on the druid life. And as fun as that was, I always found myself watching for toons around me who were in need of heals... throwing out buffs to all who crossed my path... even healing up guards early on in XR while high level Alliance made themselves feel special by ganking the town. Its just in my nature to help, so resto was the obvious choice.

There are plenty of boomchickens out there who swear that the balance tree is the best and truest tree for the druid race. Its there that you find a true mastery of nature's forces, and as most of us can attest to, mother nature packs one hell of a punch. Honestly, I hold the balance tree in high regard. I leveled through WotLK in moonkin form, and continue to dual spec boomchicken to this day. However, it boils down to one simple phrase. You either choose to restore or destroy... if you're reading this blog you know where I stand.

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