Sunday, January 24, 2010

HealBot 3.3.0 (setup 3)

Welcome to the third (and final) installment of the HealBot 3.3.0 setup guide. Here we will walk through the final three tabs of the HealBot options menu. (A walk through of the General and Spells tabs can be found in Part 1 of this guide, while Part 2 deals exclusively with the Skins tab.)

First up is the Cure tab. It's here that you can setup HealBot to monitor removable debuffs on your party and raid members. This is essential for raiding resto druids, as cleansing poisons and removing curses are an important job to perform. Take a look at my setup below.

Monitor to remove debuffs: Toggles debuff monitoring on and off. This option should be enabled at all times.
Spell to remove debuffs: By entering your cleansing spells here, HB will monitor your raid and alert you (by changing raid bar colors) when a debuff can be removed by one of these spells.
Ignore debuffs: You can set HB to ignore specific debuffs that may not be worth the time it would take to remove them (such as non harmful and short duration debuffs). Checking off 'By class' will ignore things such as mana effect debuffs on classes that use energy or rage, etc...
Custom/New debuff: This option allows HB to notify you of specific non-removable debuffs that you may want to be made aware of in certain boss encounters (such as Ignis' slag pot or Marrowgar's Graveyard bone spike).
Bar colours: Change a raid members bar to this color when affected by a debuff. The bar colors can be changed to your preference.
Debuff warnings: Options to receive warnings other than bar color changes when a raid member is affected by a debuff.

This screen, combined with mapping your cleansing spells to your mouse buttons, make HB a powerful and effective tool for removing debuffs. Like I said earlier, this is essential for all raiding resto druids.

Next up is the Buffs screen. This screen will allow you to monitor your raid buffs and alert you to any group members who may be missing them.

Monitor for missing buffs: Toggles buff monitoring on and off.
Spell to buff: Tell HB which buff to monitor.
Check members: Tell HB which raid members to monitor for missing buffs.
Bar colours: Adjust bar color to your preference.
Show buff before it expires: Tell HB to show your buffs as expired once the time remaining on their duration falls below a certain level. Use the sliders to define when you would like this to occur.

And finally, we come to the Tips tab. Tooltips are very useful when you first start healing with this addon (especially if you're still learning where your spells are mapped). This screen controls what information is displayed on those tool tips. Check it out.

Show tooltips: Enabling this option will show a tooltip whenever you mouse over a raid bar. This tooltip shows you which spells you have mapped to each mouse action.
Constantly update: When this is enabled, the information on the tooltip will continue to update while you stay moused over a raid bar.
Hide tooltip in combat: Choose whether or not to have tooltips appear while you are in combat.
Show target information: Enabling this option will show your target's name, class, spec, location, and health.
Show my buffs: This option will display what buffs you have active and how much time is remaining on those buffs.
Show detailed spell information: Enabling this option will show you information about each spell currently mapped to your mouse buttons... such as the spell's cast time, how much it will heal for (direct spells), how long it will last (heal over time spells) as well as the bonus it receives from your current spell power rating.
- Note: You likely won't have time to look at this information during an encounter, but it is helpful in revealing how your spells are affected by new gear or changes in your build. I recommend disabling this option before combat, however, as this added information does make the tooltip rather large.
Show heal overtime recommendation: HB will recommend which HoT to cast and which mouse button will cast it.
Show predefined combos: Shows you the predefined button combations to enable/disable HB, add/remove raid bars to MyTargets, and add/remove raid bars to the black list.
Position tooltip: Choose where you want your tooltips to appear on your UI.
Opacity: Adjust the opacity of your tooltips.

At the bottom of every option screen you will find 5 buttons.

Info: Displays version info, incoming heal information, as well as addon CPU and comms usage.
ResetHB: Resets HealBot to your last saved settings. (HealBot automatically saves your settings when you close the options menu).
ReloadUI: Reloads your user interface.
Defaults: Returns HB to the default setting
Close: Exits the options menu.

And that, my friends, is probably more than you'll ever need to know about HealBot 3.3.0. I hope you've found this walk through useful, and if you have any questions about HB or this guide feel free to leave a comment or send and email to

As always, thanks for reading, and have fun out there!


  1. Thanks for doing this! Though I don't use healbot, I've linked your guide in my guild forums for the other healers who do use it.

  2. Thanks for this! I've tried HB several times and gotten lost in some of the options. I still don't understand the difference between, for example, having "Abolish Poison" set in the debuffs panel, vs having it mapped to a key...but I do feel a little more gounded!

  3. Great write up. :) Ive used HB forever now. I recently came back and had to download and reload all my add ons. I have one issue and maybe someone can help. My name used to be in the lower right corner no matter how many bars were on the screen. Currently it is in the top right (which is a pain in large BGs). Any clue how to reset it? (Ive tried changing the anchor, no help)

  4. Anon, I haven't had a chance to play around with healbot to try and duplicate your issue. Without looking at it (websense has my screen shots blocked in my office) my guess would be it's a problem with the "sort by" settings.

  5. Great post; highly needed by beginning Restos like me =)

    Thanks again!

  6. Great - thanks!

  7. Hei. I really hadn't time to read your tutorial but I'll do it soon.

    My huge problem starting as a druid resto is that I can't manage my HB. Everytime I set it up and exit(Properly) it forgets his settings and I have to set it up AGAIN..and again and again and..
    Please, if you have ANY ideas, help me.

    Loads of respect,

  8. Hi, can you please explain, as Vladeck has stated earlier, why do I set spells to remove debuffs in the Cure tab? I would imagine then, that according to priority, HealBot then automatically selects and casts a spell from this list? But I haven't found any option to set a click-shortcut for that. I still have Abolish Disease bound on left button and Dispel Magic on right button and cast it myself depending on the color of the bar...

    So the question is: when I say "debuff!" to HealBot, can it select one of these two spells (according to priority) and cast it?