Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twig Heals Has Just Turned 1 (and I've got the tree rings to prove it)

**Waits for the applause to die down**

Twig Heals is a year old, and I'm going to take the lazy route here and post a "look back" blog to celebrate!  (Sorry, there's no time to write a shiney new post, I have to leave for work in 15 minutes.)

Without much adieu, here are some of my favorite posts from this past year.  I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing.

5. Grrr! 'Nerf' should be a four letter word...

There have been a lot of tirades on this blog, but my rant about the ICC buff is probably my favorite.  I still secretly wish our GM will "accidentally" disable the buff one night to see how we fare, but that's mostly because I'm a bit of a wow massochist.  Maybe after we down LK? =D

4. On the hunt: Time-Lost Proto Drake

I obsessed over this rare spawn for months and months, scouring the interwebs for any and all information I could find on it, all in an effort to score me a super sexy flying mount.  I never did get to kill it though (not yet anyway), but I did compile all the info I found and posted it on the blog for all to see.  My hope is that somebody, somewhere out there, is flying around on a TLPD saying "Thank you, Twig Heals!" 

3. To be... Or not.  RP

Ok, so RP never really was my thing.  There are so many unwritten rules, so much lore to keep straight, and it's so hard to RP duel while an Alliance rogue is chewing your face off.  Still, I had a lot of fun coming up with a back story for Beck, and I'm glad I shared it with you all (I learned a ton about RP from your feedback emails.)

2. Exiled: The Gauntlet

One of my favorite nights of WoW came while I was playing my alt Pally, and I wrote about it here.  I like to think of it as a story of determination, courage and adventure... though it may have just been about two drunk idiots and a rogue.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed it.

1. For Blood and Honor: Razorscale

Every time I read this story I get the same sense of excitement I got when we first downed Razorscale soooo long ago.  And every time I read it I remember all the "faces" that were there, and all the personalities, and all the fun we had.  This is without a doubt my favorite post on my blog.

Thank you all who've shared in my experiences over this past year (and especially those in game who've been sharing experiences for so much longer).  Here's to hoping the next year is atleast as good as the first.  =D



  1. well played my friend....well played!!

  2. You know, the first time I -do- disable the buff in ICC, the first thing out of my mouth when they demand an explanation will be, "....Beck did it!"