Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Healing on the run: Gunship Battle

Gunship Battle (Image courtesy of bosskillers.com)

Healing on the enemy ship:

Where to stand -

If you're assigned to heal on the enemy ship, stand on the edge within boarding range, do your best to avoid fire from the big guns, and don't forget to equip your rocket pack (available from the goblin NPC on board).

Note: As of 3.3.1 the rocket pack will shift you out of tree form when used.

What to watch for -

1. Below Zero! When the battle-mages cast this spell, your gunship's cannons will freeze (which means you will no longer be doing damage to the enemy ship).  That's the queue for you and your boarding party to hop on over and put those mages out of commission.  Be sure to WAIT for your tank to board first or else you'll aggro Muradin/Saurfang. 

2. Battle Fury! Battle Fury is a stacking debuff that will increase the damage done to your tank by 10% for each stack.  This will make reboarding your own ship a bit tricky as your tank will be taking big damage while you're rocketing through the air.  Make sure you have a full set of HoTs on your tank before you jump ship.  You should be able to get a swiftmend off in mid air.

Note:  Use the enemy portal to reboard your ship whenever it's available.  The portal will spawn behind Muradin/Saurfang.

3. Cleave. Inflicts 110% weapon damage on up to three targets in front of Muradin/Saurfang.  If anyone other than the tank is being hit by this ability, something is going seriously wrong.

4. Rocket Artillery. - While your ship is firing at the enemy, their cannons will be doing the same.  If you see a large targeting circle appear under you while you wait to board... move.  You're given plenty of warning so there really is no excuse for getting hit by enemy fire.

5. Enemy Riflemen. - These little buggers will shoot at random targets in their range and you will likely take some gun fire as you're standing on the edge waiting to rocket across.  There isn't much you can do about it other than take solice in the fact that they do not hit very hard.  If you're targeted and have some time, feel free to move out of their range.

Healing on your own ship:

Where to stand -

If you're assigned to heal on your own ship, stand back from the edge and out of range of enemy fire.  Be sure not to stand near the enemy portal when it appears on your deck.

What to watch for -

1. Enemy Portal! - The enemy boarding party will use a portal to arrive on your ship.  Pay attention to where it spawns and get far away from it.  Also, give your tank some time to gain aggro before you start renewing HoTs.  Playing nice with your tank will make this part of the fight much easier to heal.

2. Bladestorm! - This ability inflicts damage on up to 4 targets every second for six seconds.  Keep an eye on your melee group and be sure to stay far away as possible from the action.

3. Wounding Strike! - Inflicts 200% weapon damage and reduces all healing done to the target by 25% for 10 seconds.  Hopefully only your tank will be hit by these, which will make healing through it rather easy. 

4. Ranks. - The longer an enemy unit is allowed to live, the larger the buff they will get from their rank.  Every 20 seconds they will gain a rank increasing their damage and attack speed.  This means that you're job as heals will get more difficult the longer each fight goes on.  Don't allow yourself to get complacent if there is very little damage to heal early on.

Summary -

This fight is one of the most fun in the game.  It's typical tank and spank stuff and usually only dangerous when transitioning from ship to ship.  Have fun with it!

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