Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick question: Rotface

To insta-cleanse or not to insta-cleanse.  That is my question.

Undoubtedly many of you have already cleared Rotface and moved on to bigger and badassier things.  So I'm curious to know, how does your raid group handle mutated infection?  Do you have it cleansed immediately to remove the -75% healing debuff or do you wait for the infected one to get near the OT before making the ooze drop?

It seems to me, cleansing mutated infection right away makes sense.  Granted, dropping the ooze in the middle of melee will increase raid damage, but there really isn't a lot of raid damage to heal otherwise.  And it will be easier to keep the infected one alive without that damned 75% decrease to healing debuff... right?  I mean, having Mr. or Miss Mutated One running around near the edge, not receiving full heals, and sucking on a 3k dot doesn't make sense in my head.

Still, most of the guides I've read say to wait, and I'm not shy about saying neither way has really worked well for our raid.  So, I turn to my faithful reader(s) (gosh I hope I have more than one)...

How do you and your raid handle Rotface's mutated infection?


  1. We wait like 2 or 3 seconds then clense. I would not advise insta-cleansing. Once he speeds up his infections you run a higher risk of accidentially forming a big ooze in the middle of the raid.

  2. We insta-cleanse, up until the last 10-20% when having oozes together in the raid merging would cause problems. Then we wait for the player to get a head start out of the group before cleansing :)

  3. So what you're saying is, as long as we can avoid creating a big ooze in melee, cleansing the infection quickly is the way to go?

    Makes sense. Thanks! <3

  4. We usually have our paladin tank do all the cleansing, the same paladin who is tanking the ooze around the room. He's the best judge of when the person afflicted is close enough, or otherwise at the very least out of the group and it's safe to drop the debuff.

    I hear on hard mode that the debuff has to be handled a bit differently, so I dunno.

  5. 2-3 second head start then cleanse is what we've been doing in both 10 and 25man. That couple of seconds won't generally be too devastating to the infected person and it gives them time to get away from the rest of the raid.