Monday, August 17, 2009

Innervate: The verdict

When patch notes come out, I usually try my best to keep an even keel.
Take 3.2 for instance. Lifebloom is getting nerfed again? That
sucks, but I’m getting used to it. Rejuvenation will soon be able to
crit? That’s pretty cool but I’m not going to freak out over it.
Innervate’s length and cool down will be cut in half? That’s pretty
sweet. Really sweet. Actually, that’s kinda awesome. Wicked awesome!
YES! (You see where I kind of lost my head.)

The idea of having two innervates in one fight (even if they are half
as effective) really had me pumped up over its potential. I was
picturing one innervate for me about a minute or two in to the fight
then another innervate for my favorite priest 3 minutes later. The
more I thought about it the more I pictured the two of us swimming
happily in an endless pool of mana healing all and bringing peace to
the world.

Reality check.

The patch comes out, our first raid rolls around, and oops… I forget
to innervate early in the fight (old habits die hard). No worries. I
pop my innervate on my priest friend and then make a mental note to
remember the change next time. About a minute goes by and…

Surprised priest: “Beck. Innervate me.”
Depressed druid: “Uh, I just did.”
Surprised priest: “Seriously, I’m almost OOM. Innervate.”
Depressed druid: “But… I… uh…cooldown?”
Surprised priest: “I’m OOM. Heal tank.”
Depressed druid: “…”

At this point I’m healing big and healing everywhere. Every time I
get the raid topped off I mouse over my innervate icon. 45 seconds…
44… 43… Regrowth, swiftmend, wild growth, check. 30… 29… 28… Rejuv,
nourish, nourish, wildgrowth, check. 18… 17… 16… hang in there
priest. It’s coming. 3… 2… 1… finally!

The fight ends, a few ranged are down (because my GCD won’t let me be
everywhere), and slap my ass and call me junior… some of MY spell
icons have turned grey. /emote shock and awe.

I chalk that up to bad luck and try to get the new innervate thing
down in the next fight. I innervate myself early… notice a few ticks
going to waist, then innervate the priest about the same time I
normally would. Same problem. She doesn’t get enough mana back to
last her through the fight.

Next fight I try to innervate her early, time it so it nearly tops her
off, then pop it again on her as soon as it’s up. Success! Three
fights in and I get the innervate thing figured out. And just as I’m
about to breathe easy… it hits me. Two innervates and still none of
them go to me. /Sigh.

I knew that priest healers didn’t need ALL of the old innervate, but
as it turns out they do need more than half of it. So, after allowing
myself to get over excited about the mana possibilities in 3.2, I’ve
now grown bitter (which is what happens when you set yourself up for a
let down).

It isn’t a big deal really. Most fights I don’t need innervate. Most
fights I don’t even think about innervate. But when those long boss
fights do roll around I find myself cursing Blizzard thinking about
what could have been. What should have been.

Never again will I allow myself to get pumped up over a patch. Never
will I let the possibilities overwhelm me. Nope. Never. Not even
the idea of a Tauren pally, which is pretty sweet... and kind of cool. Really cool, actually…


  1. I think it is cool you are worrying about more than yourself in a raid, and sharing the Innervate love. But I don’t think it’s good that your Surprised Priest has come to expect Innervate.

    I usually have an Innervate to spare, because I have stacked spirit and MP5 like crazy, so I will check out the other healer in our 10 man raid, but as the other healer is usually a Pally or a Shammy, I generally end up giving it to one of the mana starved DPS.

    I admit I know very little about Priest healers. Is the priest mana mechanic broken? What does this priest do if there is not a druid in the run?

    Is your generousity with one of your class abilities being taken advantage of, because your co-healer is not building a set of healing gear that is up to the task?

    It is nice to share, but no-one should be taking for granted that you will be pulling them out of the mana wasteland.

  2. I have to agree with the previous commenter — I was taken aback by the attitude of Surprised Priest. Innervates are a gift from your druidy friends, nothing more! You are certainly not in charge of maintaining the other healers' mana pools.

    I myself am a recent convert from Shadowpriest to Disc (and love it!). I run 10-mans with a holy priest and a resto druid, and have yet to require an Innervate. Yes, I
    can no longer gem and trinket for throughput as I could during my "L2Heal" heroics-and-T7 phase, but I am very happy to not have mana problems as I'm transitioning into Ulduar and ToC. The obvious stuff has worked for me: Gem for Int over SP. Take the Insightful meta. Make sure your trinkets each boost your mana in at least one way. (Run the new 5-man on Normal for the +84int/guaranteed mana proc Tears of the Vanquished trinket!) Plus, shadowfiends were buffed during the most recent Replenishment nerf, such that mine will overfill my bar if I pop it too soon. If your priest raidmate is Disc and assigned to tank heals, I do not see why they are running OOM so quickly!