Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the hunt: Time-Lost Proto-Drake

The target:

Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Known flight paths:

Storm Peaks

Spawn times:
Time-Lost Proto-Drake appears to share spawn timers with Vyragosa, another rare spawn monster in Storm Peaks. There are multiple reports putting the spawn time anywhere from every 6 hours to +1 day for Vyragosa, and a 1 in 16 chance of Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawning in her place.

Camp spot:
Over the Bor's Breath waterfall southeast of Valkyrion village. {TLPD flies roughly 20 to 40 yards above the ground}

Group make-up:
Solo-able at level 80

Prat 3.0 - Set whisper sound to chime

/tar time
/tar vyragosa
/stopmacro [noexists]
/w YOURNAME >>%t!!<<

Note: There's an addon out there called _npcscan that essentially does the same job as Prat + macro, but does it automatically. 

Snowfall lager

The strat:
1. Park your toon over the Bor's Breath waterfall (southwest of Temple of storms and southeast of Valkyrion) and have your macro mapped to a key board key. 

2. Make sure your game sounds are enabled and the volumn is turned up so you can hear Prat 3.0 chime when you get a whisper.

3. Find something else to do.  You will likely spend hours in that one spot, smashing one keyboard button, and not seeing any results, so watching TV, listening to music, reading, etc... will all help pass the time (and keep you sane).  Just remember to keep spamming that macro and to hustle to your pc when that chime goes off.

4. Engage TLPD as quickly as possible.  This usually means flying right at it, using an instant cast range ability and then popping your snowfall lager so you don't fall to your death.  Once engaged, kill it quickly because there will likely be some other toons (from the other faction) in the area who will not hesitate to gank you and steal your kill.

5. Loot!

The reward:

Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

My personal time lost:
+32 hours {and counting}

{1st Vyragosa kill at 3:18p server time (Bor's Breath)}
{2nd Vyragosa kill at 7:51p server time (Brunnhildar)}
{3rd Vyragosa kill at 3:13p server time (Bor's Breath)}
{4th Vyragosa kill at 8:22p server time (Bor's Breath)}

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