Thursday, June 18, 2009

Healing on the run: Ignis

If you've been pulled into an Ulduar group, but you haven't had the time to watch the vids or read the blogs, here's a quick reference guide on what you *should* know about the Ignis fight. Good luck!


Where to stand - In the middle of the room between the two pools of water. The main tank will kite Ignis in a square around you, so you should only have to strafe left and right to get in range of melee and your off tanks.

What to watch for -

1. Flame vents. These shoot up from the ground throwing everyone into the air. If you're casting a spell (not including instant casts) when these are set off, you'll be silenced for 8 seconds. So obviously you want to stay away from Regrowth, Nourish, etc... when Ignis begins to cast these. Also, the entire raid will take damage from flame vents so get those HoTs rolling.

2. Slag pot. Ignis will randomly pick up a player and throw them in his slag pot. Who ever he picks up will need some attention as the slag pot puts out a big amount of damage over time. If you're the one thrown in the pot, you can heal yourself and anyone else in range while you're in there. When he drops you out of the pot, run back to your starting point and try to avoid running through scorched ground.

3. Your off tanks. There is no enrage timer on Ignis, but for each construct that is running around he gains 20% damage. Its your off tanks job to make these guys brittle, which means spending a good deal of time standing in Ignis' AoE and taking a pounding from the constructs themselves. Keeping both of your off tanks up is the only way to win this fight.

4. Constructs. These adds have a nasty habit of getting away from their off tanks... at least for a little while. Keep an eye on these buggers and be ready to direct heal any toon they run after.

Should I freak? - Yes! This is a healing intensive fight and you need to be everywhere at the right time. The main tank will be taking heavy damage from start to finish, so even if you're raid heals you'll be topping the MT off quite a bit, especially near the end of the fight. Also, flame vents happen frequently, so keeping everyone up will be a full time job.

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